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hey there Happy :sick:
Hello there, everyone.
welcome all , new and existing members!
Welcome to sumosimmo :sick:
nearly finished uploading a bit of share factory , featuring .... an Alien!
hey all :sick:
Evening all :sick:
back from work and time for some more Aliens - will he continue to eat me for dinner ? LOL
aye just finished Isolation for the night , he got me once before i saved
All good thanks you?
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The next major PS4 firmware update is coming on the 28th of October and its coming with the Share Play function which enables a friend to remotely observe and play a friends game through PSN - it was supposed to be released at launch. The update also comes with a function to use a USB as a music player , enabling easy trasfer of music to the ps4 - Includes themes for the PS4!
Final_Chaos1980 yeah this one im looking forward to. I believe the game share feature will be with this update too, where players can ta ...

Ubisoft have announced the Season Pass for Far Cry 4 and also revealed what's to come in some of the DLC after the release of the game.

As we have seen recently, Steam have been offering it's users a limited time to play certain games for free, usually over a weekend.

Well, this weekend is going to be one hell of an offering with 10, yes, TEN, free games from Friday until Sunday.

PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 18:00 on Monday 13 October 2014 until 01:00 Tuesday 14 October 2014 BST

During the Maintenance , PS Store , PSN account management/ registration will be down. Online gameplay will be affected unless one has signed in on the relevant console/vita before the maintenance begins - expect disruption

Rovio, the company behind the hit smartphone game Angry Birds, is to lay off 16% of its workforce after disappointing growth.

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