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Batch plays the Master System version of the classic platformer series, Sonic the Hedgehog. This was streamed live on 27/08/2014. Click the link below to view the stream.

Twitch is to remain unchanged 'in the short term' according to CEO, Emmett Shear and has nothing to do with the recent audio changes.

Check your Private Messages for the Steam code. Congrats Sci0n! 

Sony's PlayStation Network service has become victim of a DDoS attack by an apparent hacker group during the weekend.

It's the relaunch weekend of Destination Gamer and we are giving away a Steam code of Alan Wake's American Nightmare. All you have to do is join our website and be an active member to have a chance of winning.

We will draw our winner using Random Name Picker on Monday night at 21:00 GMT (UK Time). 

All existing registrations before the giveaway was announced will also be placed into the draw. 
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Batch   Many thanks for Donating to our website :)
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Batch   Welcome to Destination Gamer :)
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Batch   Welcome both to the new website and I hope you both like it.
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Welcome aboard Jasi. Sorry, only just got back and saw you join from an email. Oh, a big thank you for your kind donation towards the website.
Thank you! :)
Evening Jasi , welcome along! :)
Yo! :)
bugger , gotta re cap the MGS video i did to hopefully get a clearer video , joy lol
that and im scoffing dinner
yeah ,knackered but alright considering i sliced the hell out of my thumb at work with a peeler lol. nearly took a chunk of nail off lol
Hey Wendy. I'm good thanks. You ok? On TS3
evening folks , how are we today?
Evening all. One week since the relaunch. How is it going for you all so far?
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