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Woo! So glad I got Destiny yesterday. Great game!
mines , rocket launchers and santa hats in the latest GTA update!
evening everyone , how are we all today?
how are we all this weekend?
who else aside from me and batch has driveclub?
time to chill with some tunes and some minecraft on my world , thinking of what to build
time to chill with some tunes while building my world in minecraft - might do a sky base/hotel thingy LOL
Big thanks to Frequencey, Ezza, Ziggy and scubadoo for joining tonight's fisticuffs on Injustice. :sick:
new event for everyone , Its Destiny on PS4 saturday night :sick:
was playing LBP3 while injustice was downloading , now down to 93 minutes to go (when i next turn on the ps4)
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Rockstar released a trailer showing off the forthcoming Online Heists feature thats set to be out in early 2015! -The 4 player co-op mode has players , planning and carrying out various Heists across Los Santos and Blaine county
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It's only been over a week since the biggest firmware update so far to PS4 was released and we already have firmware update 2.01.

GTA V will feature First Person mode for the upcoming PS4, XBox One and PC editions of the game. No news on whether this will be made available on the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions though, but possibly not due to limitations to the consoles.
The next major PS4 firmware update is coming on the 28th of October and its coming with the Share Play function which enables a friend to remotely observe and play a friends game through PSN - it was supposed to be released at launch. The update also comes with a function to use a USB as a music player , enabling easy trasfer of music to the ps4 - Includes themes for the PS4!

Final_Chaos1980 yeah this one im looking forward to. I believe the game share feature will be with this update too, where players can ta ...
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