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i understand alice and glad to see you back. you go to the Welcome Area and then click New Topic.
thanks batch sorry not be on but going through alot of problems at the moment and i cant seem to post an introduction
Hey Alice :D Welcome back!
ah yes , Destiny , HELL YEAH!
Destiny is very close now folks!
Woop Woop!! :D Podcast night too!
eeyup folks , its the weekend! :D
Nice , prolly pick it up on the same day i pick up Destiny
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If the website of a German software ratings board is to be believed, Thomas Was Alone is looking to be released soon on Xbox One and Wii U.

EA are capitalising on a memorable bug on it's latest Madden 15 by releasing a funny trailer featuring the glitch. 

Great news for Xbox One and PS4 gamers! Minecraft is releasing this Friday on the digital stores!

Bezmundo I've been playing the xbox one version all weekend, safe to say its still addictive as hell!! If anyone wants to start a ...
saints96 ps4 version is out today (thurs 04.09.14) downloaded it

More details have appeared regarding the upcoming firmware 2.0 update which Sony has announced the ability to use custom themes on your dashboard. 

The new line-up for PlayStation Plus in September has been revealed. Are there any proper full PS4 games this time around or more indie games? Read on to find out.

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